Our Family is Growing!

From our initial offering of protective Ease-In-Shields™, our product line has been consistently growing. We began with a Universal Soft Tissue Laser version, a Universal Hard Tissue Laser version and a Curing Light version. We are now up to 13 different versions; including both Light Yellow or Pink Diode Laser versions, a clear (colorless) CO2 version. a Convergent Solea version, a ‘Tri-wave’ version, a Fotona version; and even an ‘Aviation’ version (to protect pilots and their ‘charges’) and an ‘lndustrial laser’ version. Other versions are ‘in the works’ even as this is being written.

Increased Marketing

We have been approached by many companies (locally and all over the world!) requesting official distributorships of our Ease-In-Shields™, and we are currently assessing these. We also have various manufacturers who have deemed it wise to include Ease-In-Shields™ with each laser they sell!!

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