Yes you can. We use FedEx and they have several expedited options.

We have the ability to fill orders quickly, but timing for a product to be received will often depend on whether it is being sent outside the USA.

If the Ease-In-Shields™ do not seem to fit with your loupes, please evaluate this based on the following FAQs before you consider returning them, as it is often an issue of one’s loupes needing readjustment! If adjustment of the nosepiece of the loupes (and rarely the arms) does not rectify the problem, please call us and we will accept your returned Ease-In-Shield™ (without scratches, dents and breaks) for a full refund less shipping and handling costs.

Clean your Ease-In-Shields™ with a gentle soap and warm water. We recommend using the special cleaning cloth provided with your EIS™, dry and gently rubbing in a small circular motion. Avoid abrasive cleaners, chemicals and cloths.

Yes, it’s dependant upon your own facial physiognomy and the shape of your eyewear as to whether the resting tabs actually rest on the eyewear themselves or ‘float’ above the frame. Either way is perfectly fine, and you will notice that in either case, your eyes are still fully and comprehensively protected.

If you wear your eyewear further down your face or if it is ill-fitting, your best solution is to use the optional, included head strap. It is only slightly more cumbersome to use and it will snug the Ease-In-Shield™ properly into position and keep it in place.

Oftentimes, especially if you have worn your loupes for quite a while without adjustments or if they are ill-fitting, the nosepiece will have shifted slightly to where you are no longer looking through the center of the magnification telescopes. At this point, you are only barely ‘in focus’ anyway, and even a slight displacement is enough to ‘finish the job’ An easy test for this is to slightly raise or lift your loupes, even with the Ease-In-Shield™ in place, and see if your visual acuity returns. In that case, a simple adjustment to (the nosepiece of) your loupes should solve your problem.

The following safety requirements are the responsibility of the user to follow. NOT following these requirements may result in permanent injury to the user and/or those in the immediate area!

1) Make certain that the Ease-In-Shield™ edition that you are using is the appropriate and correct unit for protection with the laser that you are using! We will be happy to assist you in choosing the correct Ease-In-Shield™ unit for your application.

2) Never use a cracked, damaged or broken Ease-In-Shield™!

3) Never look directly into the laser unit!

4) Never point the laser at your face or at the face of anyone else!